All in favor of being favored?


She was somewhere between the ages of 12 and 16. Mary had recently become engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. She knew her life would soon be changed, but she had no clue just how drastically it would change – especially after the angel Gabriel showed up.

“Hello, favored woman! The Lord is with you!”

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I’m thankful he went for it.


It was December of 1991. I had been a missionary in Santiago, Chile for almost a year, and looked forward to spending all of ’92 there as well. My Spanish was quite fluent by then, and I had made some true amigos – fun Chilean friends like my roommate Elizabeth, her fiancé Roberto, and this guy named Cristian, who was a talented soccer player and musician. The four of us spent a lot of time together, as we were all leaders in the youth group, worship band, and evangelistic outreaches.

Cristian had begun spending more and more time at my and Elizabeth’s house. He lived an 8-minute walk away, and he seemed to be ringing our doorbell every time Elizabeth and I were pulling cookies out of the oven. (Which was almost daily, so his chances were pretty good.)

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Is your thankfulness tank near empty?


As I contemplated what to write about this month, I thought, “You can’t go wrong with the popular November Thankfulness theme. Plus, four Tuesdays equals four topics. Easy.”

Immediately the “Fantastic Four” I’m most thankful for in life came to mind – God, my husband, my mom and my dad. I’ll be writing about my husband next week, and so this week, it’s God’s turn.

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The Most Thankful Person I Know


At the beginning of “Thankfulness Month”, I googled “Bible verses about thankfulness”. There was a wonderful list that I’ve revisited many times already.

This week, just out of curiosity, I googled “Qualities of Grateful People”. This list was quite encouraging as well. Here are 20 qualities that kept appearing:

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“Too much _____ makes you ugly!”


It’s November! “Holiday Season” is upon us, and I love spending the month of November being extra aware of the many, many, many reasons I have to be thankful. Today, I am extra thankful for my dad.

If you don’t have the privilege of knowing him, in a nutshell, He:

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