Love Letters part 3 (Helpful Resources)


My husband said to me this past weekend, “Wow, it seems like you’ve really been on a quest lately to find out why we don’t read our Bibles as much as we want to. What sparked that?”

Here’s the deal. I struggle with reading it. I don’t read it as consistently as I want to, and I’ve been through seasons like this before in my walk as a follower of Jesus. Maybe you can relate.

My hope is that the solutions and resources offered in this week’s video will help us all spend more time in God’s love letter.

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Love Letters part 1 (Understandable?)


With 5 days until Valentine’s Day, there’s extra love in the air, so I wanted to go back to my husband’s and my love story, and remember just what kept us together when he was on the other side of the globe and we couldn’t see each other. Warning: Extra Sap Included

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Happy Worry-Free Groundhog Day!


Happy Groundhog Day!

What does the future hold? An early spring or a longer winter? I was hoping to find out the answer directly from special guest, Gretchen the Groundhog. Hmmmm…. Let’s see if we actually get an answer from Gretchen.

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