Did Moses think that way? Or is it just me?


I had the privilege of attending a BGMC conference this past week in Springfield, Missouri. BGMC stands for “Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge”. In Assembly of God churches, boys and girls are challenged to help missionaries meet the needs of people around the world by giving sacrificially, praying, and by being open to God’s call to BE a missionary someday.

It was so inspirational to hear stories from the missionaries about what a huge difference kids are making by having a heart of compassion and acting upon it.

But that’s not what this post is about. Oops. I guess I’m still really excited about it!

On the last night of the conference, we had the opportunity to attend the Moses show at the Sight & Sound Theatre in Branson. The theatre’s tagline is “Bringing the Bible to life through story, song, and spectacular effects”. Spectacular it was! (If you ever have the opportunity to see one of their shows, I highly recommend it.)

OK, so get on with it, Caryn. What’s the point of this post? 🙂

At the show, through other people’s amazing creativity, I got to imagine on a deeper level just what life may have been like for Moses. The part that kept me thinking long after the show was over, was just how inadequate and insecure Moses may have felt about God’s calling on his life to lead God’s people out of slavery and into freedom.

The story happens in the first few chapters of Exodus in the Old Testament.

Chapter 1 – As a baby, Moses is put in a basket that floats down the Nile river, and he is saved and raised by Pharaoh’s wife.

Chapter 2 – One day, after Moses had grown up, he goes out to where …

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Good News for Kids!


I have a confession to make.

I am dangerously attracted to wet cement.

Every time I see it, I desperately want to at least put my hand and footprints into it. The greatest wet cement temptation came last year when one of the pastors on staff at my church moved his family into a house just down the road from me. Just days after they moved in, they hired someone to turn their gravel driveway into a beautiful new cement driveway, and I happened to walk by while it was still prime sculpting material, and no one was around.

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My Jesus Story


I think about my Jesus story, and I can’t help but be in awe of a God who loves us so much, and that He continually pours out grace into our messy lives.

Into our lives that sometimes reject Him, even after we’ve accepted Him.

I gave my life to Jesus, then years later told Him I didn’t mean it, and then years after that told Him I had changed my mind one last time. I’m still amazed that He took me back.

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The Roadkill Revelation


I know God spoke through a donkey in the Bible, so why not a beaver, or woodchuck, or whatever that friendly little guy was?

I say I’m an animal lover. And I still passed him by.

I passed him on day one. I had never met him, but I was really sad for him. I was even sad for his wife and kids.

I passed him on day two. Still sad, but wife and kids never crossed my mind.

I passed him on day three. “Shouldn’t someone from the county attend to this guy?” Kinda sad.

I passed him on day four. “I wonder what makes his legs stick up so straight? That looks pretty funny! I wonder if I have time to run to Dunkin Donuts.”

Then He whispered.

Not the animal.


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