The Unanswered PRAYERy-Go-Round


Been on the Unanswered PRAYERy-Go-Round lately?

If you’ve been a Christian for some time, you’ve probably had a turn or two on this ride. It’s a ride we don’t voluntarily stand in line for, but we find ourselves on nonetheless.

I remember riding a not-so-merry-go-round as a little girl. I got on, and my older brother and cousins thought it would be funny to spin it faster and faster to see just how “faster” they could fling me off of it.

My Unanswered PRAYERy-go-round has given me the same experience at times. It’s a ride I initially thought might be fun, but a few whirls into it left me feeling thrown off, and wondering if the One spinning it was playing the same joke my brother and cousins did years ago.

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Re-Learning to Walk


What does it mean to “walk” with God?

What does it mean to “walk by” the Spirit? (Galatians 5:16)

I’ve learned a little about walking with God from the godliest man I know – my husband, Cristian, and I’m hungry to learn even more from God’s Word.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

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The 15 Courses of Love?


I will confess that I’m one of “those” people who absolutely loves the back-to-school time of year. I’ve looked forward to every August since kindergarten. Granted, when I was a kid, my love was tied to the new clothes to wear, the fresh notebooks to doodle and draw cartoons in, and the reuniting with friends after having spent way too much time with my brother over the summer. Learning was at the bottom of my “Reasons Why I Love School” list.

Everything’s changed in the most recent years though. Now I’m addicted to learning, and in just the last few years, I’ve considered going back to school for areas ranging from graphic design and ventriloquism, to dentistry and auto mechanics.

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The Win-Win Way to Value Others


Maybe I’m just in the back-to-school mood.

Maybe I’m just reminded daily that there are a lot of amazing people in this world who have knowledge, interests, talents and experiences (K-I-T-E-s) that I don’t have.

Maybe I feel like a string of Christmas tree lights whose “ON switch” is a question delivered by a genuinely curious asker.

I think one way of celebrating and valuing others that hasn’t gotten it’s fair share of time in the spotlight is (drumroll, please) the act of learning from and about people. The “student” grows in knowledge, and the “teacher” feels valued that someone took the time to learn. It truly is a win-win.

Here are 3 ways to learn from and about others:

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What if we all had bigger ears?


Have you ever heard one of the good old-time preachers say, “God gave you TWO ears and only ONE mouth for a reason”? I usually roll my eyes, shake my head and give a courtesy grin when I hear it, but I do agree with the point that listening is a greater part of communicating and of valuing people than we often give it credit for.

In the spirit of realizing I need to grow in the area of listening, and that I probably have at least a few friends in the same boat with me, here are five “Don’t & Do” listening techniques for us to consider:

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