The Thankful Verses I’m Most Thankful For


The official Thanksgiving holiday ended five days ago, but I don’t want it to stop.

The first year I lived in Chile, it felt odd to me that they didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving there. My best friend Elisabeth loved to tease me about it, saying, “You Gringos are thankful one day a year. We Chileans are thankful all year round.”

She thought she was funny.

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What do you crave the most?


Thanksgiving is just two days away, and for many of us Americans, it is a day marked by just as much taking in of food as there is of giving out of thanks. We’re craving now the food we’ll eat on that day. Many of us have our favorites that make our tongues do a happy dance and make our tummies feel full.

Why is it that we rarely have problems craving our favorite food, but we don’t always crave the presence of God, or hunger and thirst to spend time with Him like we know we should?

Is it possible that we want our coffee (or “crunchy” for me) and comfort more than we want God?

My mind finds this hard to believe, yet my actions would often confirm it to be true. So what is it that kills – or at least numbs – our appetite for God?

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The 5 Questions That Will Change Everyone Around You


Unless you live alone on a deserted island, you have many relationships in your life. Whether the relationship is a superficial one-time acquaintance like the one you have with the cashier at Walmart on Saturday, a business-only relationship with a co-worker or boss, or a more intimate BFF or family relationship, there have probably been times in all of our lives in which we have wanted to, and fervently tried to change the people around us.

Some of us have dedicated years to trying to change our co-worker, boss, friend or spouse. Some of us have convinced ourselves that our mission to change them is only for their good.

Yeah, so, changing your friends and loved ones. How’s that workin’ for ya? 😉

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Is your comfort zone really all that comfy?


Last week, I asked, “We know at least a few things we need to do to make favorable changes in our lives. But we don’t do them. Why not?”

I gave two reasons, and several Bible verses to help us grow and change.

This week’s reason might just be used by everyone:

We don’t change, because we think our comfort zones are, well, “comfy”. And so far I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like to be comfy.

But what if our comfort zones really aren’t that comfy?  

What if it’s actually more comfy OUTSIDE your comfort zone?

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What if change were as easy as Snapchat?


This past year has been a journey of change for me. Not a lot of exterior change, but change on the inside. I woke up one day a bit over a year ago and thought, “Where did the last decade go?” God began to shine a bright light on the fact that I had not been growing closer to Him, even though I was a staff pastor at a growing church whose job was to help people grow closer to God.

He also showed me that I had not been intentionally growing in the talents He had given me, and I felt like I needed to see if my name actually appeared in the Parable of the Servants found in Matthew 25:18, of course as the servant who took his talent and buried it.

Change is not always easy, and it is often scary, but I never want to go back to the land of Stuckville. I find that the more I learn, grow closer to Jesus and change, the more I love it, and the more I crave it.

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