Are you in the BBB?

It’s time for a “Back-to-Church” pop quiz! 🙂

What does “BBB” really stand for?

  1. Better Business Bureau
  2. Bed, Bath & Beyond
  3. Body, Brick & Bride
  4. All of the Above

What metaphors represent followers of Jesus in the Bible?

  1. Body members
  2. Bricks
  3. The Bride
  4. All of the Above

And the answer to both questions is…

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God is there. Are you?

I’m pretty sure I love God with all my heart. I’m quite confident that Jesus is my #1 treasure in life. I enjoy singing. I love playing and listening to music. I hope all my piano and guitar students become worship leaders. I was a worship pastor on staff at a church for years, for goodness’ sake. So how can I be so easily distracted during “worship time” at church then?

We all can become distracted and complacent in our worship, but what if we wholeheartedly arrived at church each week to join the Body of Christ in seeking Him and pouring out our praise on Him? What if we offered Him something that actually cost us something, and did it while helping others in need? What if He listened to us and responded in mind-blowing ways?

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How to Help Your Pastor Become a Better Preacher

I could probably call myself a “sermon junkie.” I watch several sermons a week on YouTube, and I’m blessed to belong to a church where the pastor is a good preacher. But there have still been seasons over the last couple decades where I’ve left the church after a Sunday service feeling like, “Eh…today’s sermon was okay. I’ve pretty much heard it before.”

One of the dangers we face the longer we’ve been in the church is losing the spark we had at first for hearing God’s Word preached so we could go out that very week and apply what we learned. My mission is to do all I can to protect my heart and yours from becoming stagnant or calloused when it comes to hearing and living out the truth of the Gospel.

If you’ve been in the church for quite some time, and have ever wished your pastor would preach better sermons, I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, and watch the video first, and follow it up with the 5 action steps.

Two caveats about the video:

  1. At the beginning of the video, I’m “acting irreverently” exaggeratedly and on purpose, to help make a point.
  2. If you’re a new Christian, you’re not the target audience for this post. If you’re a new Christian who is excited to listen to every sermon possible, and to hear and learn God’s Word so you can apply it in your own life, don’t ever stop! (And help the “been there – heard that” older Christians in your church to regain the joy of falling in love with Jesus and of telling others about Him.)

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Why go to church?

I’ve been a church-going Christian for over three decades. For over two of those decades, I was a pastor on staff at a church – first as a youth pastor, then as a worship pastor, then as a children’s pastor. During those years, I could give you some good reasons why you should choose go to church, but for me and for the other staff pastors, there was really no “choice.” It’s not like we could wake up on Sunday morning and say, “Eh…I really don’t feel like going to church today.”

Now things are different for me. Earlier this year, my baton was passed to an amazing and dynamic new kids pastor, and since then, after decades of having no “choice” of going to church (if I wanted to keep my job), now I get to choose whether or not I’m going to church each Sunday.

And I choose YES!

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