I’m Caryn. Pronounced just like Karen, but maybe in spelling it with a “C”, Mom was being prophetic about my inner urge to always look for a different way to “spell” life. Maybe the “y” was added to my name to predict the gazillion times I would wear people down by constantly asking “why”.

I’ve been married for 22 years to Cristian, the most amazing treasure in my life who I’m thinking should quit his technology business and simply write book after book on how to be the perfect husband. He makes it easy for me to love him more each day. He’s also made my love increase for watching soccer, drinking the daily vanilla latte he artistically makes me, and jumping on this wild ride of being an entrepreneur’s wife.

I love Jesus with all my heart and can’t imagine life without Him. I learned about Him as a little girl, but He completely transformed my whole life during my junior year in high school. That same year, when many of my friends were trying to figure out what to do next with their life after high school, I knew without a doubt that God wanted me to serve Him in full-time ministry as a missionary, or pastor, or some kind of leader in the church.

So I went to Bible college in Minneapolis, MN, then to Santiago, Chile as a missionary, then to Yorkville, IL as a youth pastor, to Sandwich, IL as a worship leader, to Keller, TX as a kids pastor, back to Sandwich, IL as a kids pastor, and now, a blogger, speaker, and soon-to-be author.

One of the things I loved most about my years in kids ministry was the challenge to take what sometimes feels like complex Biblical truths, and explain them in a way a child can understand. I often feel like I’m just a big kid who wants to know and share Jesus with other big kids who also desire to “un-complicate” God’s Word and understand His plan for us.  

In this blog, I long to share His Word, my experiences, lessons learned, and lessons yet to learn, with high hopes of encouraging you to fall more in love with this Jesus who is crazy about you, and to grow in confidence that He WANTS TO and CAN use you to impact many lives for His glory, if you follow His lead.

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