Love Letters part 1 (Understandable?)


With 5 days until Valentine’s Day, there’s extra love in the air, so I wanted to go back to my husband’s and my love story, and remember just what kept us together when he was on the other side of the globe and we couldn’t see each other. Warning: Extra Sap Included

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Happy Worry-Free Groundhog Day!


Happy Groundhog Day!

What does the future hold? An early spring or a longer winter? I was hoping to find out the answer directly from special guest, Gretchen the Groundhog. Hmmmm…. Let’s see if we actually get an answer from Gretchen.

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A Breath of Fresh Air


Are there people in your life who are just a breath of fresh air to be around? I know I have quite a few in mine, and I am so grateful for them. More importantly, are YOU a breath of fresh air to those closest to you? That is SO what I long to be.

I asked my dad this week to list some qualities of a “refreshing” person. He immediately started a list: “Unselfish. Someone who thinks about others. Someone with a sense of humor, who doesn’t get so uptight about things.” Then he nodded in agreement to the list I had already been forming: “Positive. Encouraging. Helpful. Hopeful. Grateful.”

This week’s video is about the most “refreshing” guy in the Bible, according to Paul. I wonder if you’ve heard of Him.

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Well Done!


In the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, the master gives one servant five talents of money, another is given two, and the other is given just one. The master then goes away on a trip, and leaves the servants in charge of the money.

My imagination loves to insert myself into just about every Bible story. In this story, I identify most with the 2-talent servant. I think a lot of us fall into that category. I also think there are a lot of 4 or 5-talent servants who think they’re only 2-talent servants, but that’s another trail for another day.

If I would’ve starred as the 2-talent actress in this story though, I would have needed more lines in the script to depict all the comparing myself to the 5-talent servant I’d be doing.

What is it about us – especially us women – that moves us to compare ourselves to others – A LOT?

I invite you to watch this week’s video, and I thank you in advance for investing the time. If you’ve ever been found comparing yourself to others, I wonder if you can identify with any of these camps I describe in the video:

Camp 1 – The “Someday” Camp

Camp 2 – The “If Only” Camp

Camp 3 – The “P.P.P.” Camp

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Believe you can!


Happy New Year!

Last week I asked what is one thing you can start doing or stop doing today to get closer to Jesus. We got some really great answers. Like, praying about everything (Phil 4:6,7), letting go and letting God, memorizing verses, singing, remembering you’re not alone, and spreading His Word. All really good stuff.

Here’s a fun story that may help you get closer to Jesus:

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The Best Gift of All


Aaaaahhhh, gift giving season. Every year, I find my nosey mind drifting off, wondering about all that is going through the hearts and minds of both the gift givers and the recipients.

Then I usually end up remembering the presents I’ve received since childhood, and my reactions to them. I recall the “pre-present-opening lecture” from my mom before every family Christmas gathering (and birthday party for that matter) when I was young,

“Now Caryn, just remember that no one HAD to get you ANYTHING, so no matter what it is, even if you don’t think you’ll like it, you need to show thankfulness.”

Sigh. “Yes, Mom.”

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An Advent “Celebration” to Remember


(Insert bratty 8 year-old girl and 10 year-old boy tone) “Do we REEEEEEEALLY have to do this?” my brother and I whined to our mom as she made us “celebrate” the Advent season. I mean legit Advent – 4 Sunday nights, Bible reading, candle wreath and all.

This was week number two or three, and the whining came right after I plunked through Silent Night on the piano, making more mistakes than there were sheep being watched by shepherds on the night of Jesus’ birth. My brother was rolling his eyes, while my Dad was gluing his eyes to the football game on the muted TV in the room next door.

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What did you expect?


In reading the Christmas Story, I’m gripped by the element of surprise that landed on the story’s main characters. These were normal people, going about their day, and BOOM! Great news just happens.

Imagine if you were:

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